FINAL Tall Pines 2000 Results

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Assistant: Sandy Hygate

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- Charles Hammer was excluded because of car modification. The appeal board heard the evidence.  The Tall Pines results with Car #21 as open class were declared final, Dec.6/00 at 9:30PM.
- Lot of change in position at stage 7, must the ice.. (6:30pm)
- Tom  McGeer, Impresa WRX, he finally went first on stage 7. (6:30pm)
- Keith Townsend, Mitsubishi Lancer, from first to second after stage 7. (6:30pm)
- Karl Scheible, Mitsubishi, DNF, car rolled at stage 4 (1:57pm)
- Brian Scott, Eagle Talon, DNF car rolled on first stage.(12:15am)
- Barry Latreille, back in the game, he fixed the car, but went off road on the last stage(10:00pm)
- Jon Nichols, VW Golf, did not start, he was dripping oil in the parking.(10:00am)
- Frank Sprongl, Quattro S2, withdraw, engine did not arrived on time.

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Last revised: 19 January 2001