Perce Neige Maniwaki 2008

Basic Results
If you really want more details
  • By Class National ( Crew, car, time and margin).

  • By Class OPRC ( Crew, car, time and margin).

  • All stages in details (Diff., gaps, class pos, % and overall pos.)

  • Retirements (why and where).

  • Penalties (road and time penalties, chicanes).
  • General position change in graph format.  (It shows the general position change in the rally using graphic lines)
  • All the results in CSV format National OPRC (Speed factor, Excel, database)


Rallye Val Gatinois


Compile by Renault Jacques and Brigitte Lemieux


Published by, owned by Jean-Georges Marcotte.  Rally Scoring Service is providing the Rally Scoring software, web page service), computers, printers and 2 persons to compile the rally.  Rally Scoring Service is proud to be part of the 2008 Perce-Neige-Maniwaki Rally.


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Last revised: 10 February 2008