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My professional life

My family

There is my 2 girls, Audrey and Meggie.


My fiancé Louise and her daughther Elisabeth can be found on FaceBook

Their mother, Madeleine is a naturopath. Take a look at the Web page she created in French: www.santeAuNaturel.com.

My personal interests

When you have programming as a hobby, only time can limit the beauty of your creations.

Car Rallying
My interest in  Car Rallying dates back to 1972.  I am doing rally scoring using a computer since 1981.  At the time I was using a Coco from Radio Shack (8 mHz, 48 Kb).  My data was saved on audio tape cassettes and I was dependent on electricity.

Mountain Bike
As a youngster I was riding bicycles naturally, but mountain biking radically changed my perception of that sport.  I never realized that going downhill on a single track trail could be so much fun. Since, I am riding my new Specialized StumpJumper Comp 2013 mountain bike when I have time.  When I am alone I head for the Bromont trails, but for group biking I prefer the Laurentians, with a club called PDN.  I am riding in the dark during the week using a set of 1800 lumens lamp.  Also I ride bike with steel stud in winter still in the trail.

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